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Sep 13, 2016
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Port Alberni is one of the main tourist attractions of British Columbia in Canada. It is famous for its sunny beaches, beautiful mountain trails and the different variety of fish that are easily available. So it is no wonder that tourists flock the port city all throughout the year. More number of tourists translates into more business for the hotels/motels in Port Alberni.

Whether they are on a short trip or a month-long vacation, people arriving at Port Alberni are always on the look-out for cheap and affordable accommodation during their stay at the port city. In such a scenario, they need not look beyond Bluebird Motel, which offers one of the cheapest rates.

Bluebird Motel has on offer different rates for different customers. These rates depend on factors like the period of stay, the number of people arriving among others. Rooms are available on a weekly and monthly basis. The weekly offers works out well for people looking for a short stay at Port Alberni. Monthly rates are best suited for families planning a long vacation and would prefer a cheaper accommodation during their period of stay.
Another major advantage of choosing Bluebird Motel is that it offers discounted rates for a wide range of customers.

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