Oner GPS Speed Governor Automotive Services

Sep 8, 2016
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Oner Speed Governor

Oner speed governor OCT600-SG3 is designed for car, to keep speeding accident away. It combines speed governor with GPS. Except easy speed control mode, you can get user-friendly features, like quick configuration, reminding. etc. What is more, it supports speeding data store and report export. All speeding events will be shown and you will know who cause the accident. And with GPS, it allows you to manage all the cars in schedule.

Core Features:

1. Speed limitation by mechanical way
Connect speed governor to car accelerator pedal directly, Speed down the car by mechanical way.

2. Work in all types of vehicles
Connect to accelerator,no wiring to fuel system, control speed by mechanical way, work in all types of vehicle, no matter it uses E-GAS system or not.

3. Speeding report with anti-tamper design
All speed data will be stored and exported as a report by special tools, no one can modify without permission, to protect speeding data.

4. Voice reminding while speeding (option)
Remind driver to slow down by voice while speeding, rather than alarm noise, no scare to driver, more user-friendly.

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