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Aug 12, 2017
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Hi I’m Pearl and I’m a 14 month old Mini Poodle x Mixed Breed. I’m an adorable fluff ball who is loyal and loving once I know you but I’m quite shy and reserved when meeting new people at first. I will need some time and patience during meet and greets when I’m choosing my new furever family. I’m a popular breed however I’m more than just a pretty face and so I’m searching high and low for my perfect match.

If you have allergies or are after a hypoallergenic pooch then I’m not your gal as I will make allergic people sneeze (sorry for giving you the sniffles!)

If you are after a non-shedder then I’m also not your gal as I love leaving little white hairs on your clothes and furniture (I’m cheeky like that!)

If you have young children and are first time dog owners, then I’m sorry to say that I’m not your gal as I can be reserved with new people and little kids won’t understand my shyness.

If you are after a quiet lapdog then I’m not your gal as I’m a playful and energetic little explorer once I’m comfortable in my surroundings and I’ve got some energy to burn!

I would suit an active single or couple who who will spend a lot of time with me and will focus on positive socialisation in new environments. I’m a happy little bundle of joy that just needs some hard yards put in at the start. I would benefit from pooch training classes – they would help me bond with my new family and expose me to new dogs, people, sights and sounds.

I’m in foster care with 9 other dogs and I love playing with them. I would suit a home with another small mixed breed like myself but I may need a few meet and greets to start to play with them (did I mention that I’m shy?) I may also suit being an only dog as long as I’m not left on my own for hours on end as I’m too loving to be isolated.
I need to have secure and solid fencing to keep me safe – if you have pool fencing or gaps in your fencing then I will sneak out and take myself for a walk down the street (smiling my irresistible, angelic grin as it’s fun being cheeky).

I am primarily an inside dog however I enjoy a grassy yard where I can practice my zombies. I sleep inside and would love to sleep in your room (on the bed if you are happy to have me keep the bed warm!). If you work from home then I’d love your companionship , or if you can take me to work then I’ll enjoy the positive socialization that that would bring.


Address: District of Columbia Call: +12533366877

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