How to post ads and wher? The blog


How to post ads and wher?

Where to Post free ads online local or worldwide?

Hello, my name is Sorin,im the owner of this website  is a project witch I started from a 1 and half year ago.In this post I will try to explain how to use the website to get more costumers and more sales.

Firs off all try to post your ads in correct category and be sure you type your address .All website is secure and your email will never be share with somebody.

All the ads from website are reviewed and after that are approved or declined depend of content.

Imakedeal is different from the other classifieds websites, because with us you can post local, worldwide, United States and the other continents, so your post will have a targeted traffic and more engage possible costumers.

All advertising posted in website are available 1 year from the moment off approval, but you can come back any time in your account and manage your posts, deleted, edited or just close your account.

Login on website is made by email, facebook, twitter, google +, choose one of this and create your profile and manage your ads.

We accept ads just in English language and not allowed spell, magic, drugs ADS

Leonte Leo

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