Classifieds Category Rules
  • Certain types of classified have additional category rules regarding what can and cannot be posted. Please read these rules before posting.
Posting Style and Format
  • Please always be sure to post your thread in the right category. If we think your thread belongs in another category we may move it. Duplicate posts in multiple categories are not permitted
    •  language of communication is exclusively English
  • Give your Classified a title which is clear and concise – it helps people to find them
  • Avoid use of excessive punctuation, capital letters (SHOUTING) or inappropriate language
  • Classifieds cannot be replied to. If you have a question relating to a Classified, you can send a private message to the poster
  • Repeated/duplicate Classifieds will be removed


  • Hate speech, aggression or intolerance, racist remarks, and vulgarity are not permitted
  • Postings must not breach any local or international laws
  • Pornographic or sexual comments are not accepted